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Mergers & Acquisition Lawyers in Kansas

This Firms merger & acquisitions practice has spanned several business sectors in the U.S. and includes representation in transactions of varying size.  It has included large, complex, multi-jurisdictional transactions where we provided guidance and/or resolved to completion sophisticated corporate, securities, tax, capital markets, antitrust, and real estate issues.  It also includes many transactions which are small in comparison, but are also often extremely complex and require significant expertise.

Our Clients

We have represented acquirers and targets in negotiated/friendly transactions, including management buy-outs (MBOs).  We also have market-leading experience in hostile bid transactions and one within which a challenge from the Federal Trade Commission was experienced and forcibly resolved.

Our reach extends well beyond our borders, having been engaged in matters for our clients throughout the world, acting in M&A transactions spanning numerous jurisdictions.


The experience of the Firm over the years has permitted the Firm to gain expertise in areas often reserved for the largest firms and permits us to share that expertise in a more economical setting by hiring expertise needed beyond our own without ongoing additional overhead required to sustain it. The work history of the Firm has produced working relationships with many experienced attorneys highly specialized in narrow disciplines throughout the U.S. and in Europe that are available to the Firm to help address and resolve some of the more unique issues that can be, but are not always presented during the course of a transaction in the nature of those that the Firm handles as a matter of course.  That aspect permits an hourly rate for the bulk of the work involved that is extremely competitive in today’s market and legal services of the type described, while maintaining an ability to cover a very broad range of problems including those not often seen, but requiring experience in handling when encountered.